The Amazing Australian Artist Antony Kader Youghun.

International Artist From Australia – Doctor Antony Kader El’Youghan, known in the art world as Youghon 11 June 2020 Youghon had an accident and a stroke he survived as a hero and came back to start his new Art Gallery show from his Home Studio on the 14th of October 2020 with a name of “Back to Life” which talks about Austria coming back from the fire that burned lots of forests and Back to life from his accident and stork after 9 weeks in the hospital. Youghon wants to tell the world that there is always hope as long you are still breathing 21 paintings are going to be one of his best artworks to inspire and to be thankful for God and nature to bring life back. His Studies and Training Youghon was born in Damascus. His studies include:- • 1969-1972 Adham Smarif Centre • 1973 Free Study Group specializing in Nudes at the Academy “Belle Arti” in Rome • 1974-1977 Degree of Art and Decoration at the Academy “Belle Arti” in Rome • 1990 Doctorate completed at the Accademia of Futurja in Rome Youghon is honoured by patrons in London, Rome, Paris, Munich, the Vatican, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Bombay, New York, Damascus and Sydney. His Exhibitions • 1975 Gallery Ornina – Damascus • 1976 Victor Gallery – Rome • 1977 Tord Art Gallery – Rome • 1977 Meridian Hotel – Damascus • 1977 II Leone Azzuro – Rome • 1978 Victor Gallery – Rome • 1979 Manifest Agra – Rome • 1980 Restaurant Da Shanki – Munich • 1982 Private Exhibition – Newport • 1983 Pacific International Hotel – Sydney • 1984 Freshwater Harbour Restaurant – Sydney • 1984 Kiosk Restaurant – Manly • 1985 Australia Day Celebration (Private Exhibition Newport) • 1986 Intercontinental Hotel – Sydney • 1986 Fler – Crows Nest • 1987 Royal Artists Society – Sydney • 1988 Gallery Ornina – Damascus • 1990 The Victorian Artists Society, Winter Exhibition – Melbourne • 1995 -2000 Yougon started his restaurant art café in Australia. Doctor Antony Kader El’Youghan, known simply as Youghon, has been an artist for over 40 years. His studies, qualifications, experience and reputation are exemplary. He started painting as a boy of 12 years of age taking ideas

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