Abdullh Yossef Alhussain Art & Light

Abdullh Yossef Alhussain was born in Al-Khobar on April 12, 1985. The second among six siblings he was able to draw at an early age with the support of his loving mother. He graduated in Architecture at King Saud University, and obtained a patent on his graduation project design from King Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology (KACST). After graduation, he worked as a site engineer on a hospital construction project at Dammam. Getting accepted in a scholarship program made him leave Saudi Arabia to pursue his studies in the United States. His stay in the multicultural environment with artistic friendsin San Francisco encouraged himto continue drawing and learning. The results were very rewarding. He later moved to Philadelphia and had his Master’s Degree in Construction Management from Philadelphia University. Abdullh continued improving his artwork with a mindset of looking always to be more thoughtful and creative. He loved the idea of using the laser cutting technology to give his artwork a third dimension utilizing the produced shadows. He came up with artworks that change through the day and night as the shadows change with time and light. He has been always looking to reflect his identity and culture on his artwork. Thus, he started adding Arabic calligraphy to his drawing coming up with the perfect mix of imaginative abstract, architecture, and Arabic calligraphy, producing artwork that are cultural and modern. Abdullh holds an international certificate from European Cultural Academy Center, Venice, Italy, and participated in server art exhibitions both locally and international. He works currently in a construction company based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, having a previous experience in designing for his architecture startup firm, and gallery management in one of the leading art houses, Desert Designs. He is always looking to pursue his art journey with his skills and looking forward to implement them combined with his background and experience to be one of the top emerging artists from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Participation 2014 Solo art gallery, Philadelphia,USA 2015 International fair, Philadelphia University 2015 Participated with town gallery, Alkhobar, KSA 2015 Participated with Behance, Alkhobar, KSA 2015 Participated with Scitech, Alkhobar, KSA 2015 Former art gallery manager at Desert Designs, KSA 2016 Participated with Artever. Riyadh,KSA 2016 Participated Art event, Jubail, KSA 2016 published calligraphy sketchbook New York, USA 2016 Interview with Destination Magazine 2017 live show calligraphy, Khubar, KSA 2017 Certificate Workshop from ECAC Venice, Italy 2018 Solo gallery at Aramco camp, Dhahran,KSA 2018 Published Fantastic show room, Khubar ,KSA

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