Welcome to BntBatouta

BntBatouta is a new global marketplace for Artists, Creative unique and handmade goods.

The Idea Started with Dana Mubarak Founder of Bntbatouta where she believes that lots of creative handcrafted unique designers are quieting because they cant afford to have their own stores or to reach more markets.
And in some countries the small handcrafted stores close in winter because no tourism,

So why don’t we have a solution to be all in one big store called Bntbatouta where everyone from around the world can join and more people get to see beautiful artistic pieces and buy.

Also for the artists its not that easy to be in each gallery in the world but this project brings them all together where beauty connect with art.

We want to build connections and support our community of artists and seller bring their Ideas onto the light in a successful project.

As a company and as humans we are always open to new ideas to support more friends and artists that we always believe they need to follow their passion and to be one family.

Traveling the world to discover more of art and love will take me a life time but with technology we are reaching you wherever you are.

Dana Mubarak


Dana Mubarak
CEO / Founder

Together is better.

Mohamed Abd El Azeem
Business Partner

We believe in supporting each other builds colorfull communities better.

Lara Bairaqdar
Business Analyst

The more creative you are the more love you give.