Shereen Elbaroudi An Exceptional Artist With A New Vision.

Sherin Elbaroudi Egyptian Visual artist, she Graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in 2003, holds PHD in art education 2016, She has 4 solo exhibition& participated in many local and international group exhibition, She won many awards at the Egyptian Youth Salon and participated in th15 International art symposium at Yelabuga state historical, architectural and art museum, Russia -2019, the Beijing International Biennale 2017, the International Book Biennale at the Museum of Modern Art in Romania in 2018, Luxor International Painting Symposium in 2017. Her work can be found in the Egyptian Museum for Modern Art, Cairo, and Museum of Art Book in Romania, Museum of the Seljek University in Turkey, Culture Ministry of Cyprus, art museum, Tatarstan and in private collection in Austria, France, India, Belgium, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Italy

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